We offer a center of excellence for those who suffer from headaches – a space for medical expertise and compassionate care. We provide individualized care using the best of western medicine approaches as well as proven alternative therapies. We help you take control of your life again.


New client appointments – 1 hour
Follow up appointments – 20 to 40 minutes

We recommend that you schedule an appointment at least two to four weeks in advance to secure the time that is most convenient for you. To make the most of the opportunity, please arrive at the check-in time given to you. All reservations must be secured with a major credit card and telephone number.


We value your business, and we do not overbook. The time is reserved especially for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at your earliest convenience. By doing so, you allow us to offer that time to another client who may be waiting. If you miss an appointment, or cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for the visit.

Late Arrivals

Sometimes circumstances prevent a client from arriving on time. Also, there may be times when you need more attention than can be delivered in the time allotted. We will make every effort to accommodate you in those moments. In return, we ask for your understanding towards others when similar circumstances arise in their lives. Please keep in mind that arriving late may require us to reschedule so as not to inconvenience other clients (full charges will apply).


Yes, we welcome all people, regardless of their insurance and longevity. For those patients over the age of 65, headaches can be concerning because they may be a clue to an evolving medical problem that has yet to surface otherwise. We strongly recommend seeking appropriate evaluation promptly, whether with us, or with another provider. We believe the benefits of a prompt, thorough and accurate evaluation outweigh the relative costs, and can save lives. However, Dr. Ament does not participate in Medicare.  Please see our Financial Policy for details.

Narcotics Policy

We do not provide prescriptions for narcotics, opioids or barbiturates.