Helping You With Your Headache Patients

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Making a referral is easy:

Print the Referral Form and fax it back to us at (303) 835-0730.

Call us at 303.834.5677; OR

What We Do

The Ament Headache Center offers Concierge Sub-specialty Neurology services for your patients with headache, including:

  • Full headache history & neurological examination

  • Identification of potential underlying or secondary causes of headache

  • Diagnostic testing recommendations

  • Customized therapeutic approaches and management options for each client

We also reinforce your messages to the patient on tough-to-hear topics such as medication overuse, non-narcotic approach, lifestyle issues, and psychological factors that can influence the medical condition.

What To Expect: Making Your Life Easier

  • We will place a call to your patient within 24 business hours to arrange an appointment.

  • We will contact you once the appointment has been scheduled, with the date and time.

  • You will receive confirmation of the visit, Office notes, and copies of all Lab & Test results.

  • If, for whatever reason, we are unable to reach your patient by the third call, we will contact you for further instructions.

  • We seek to be an extension of the medical services you already provide. We strongly recommend that our patients maintain a relationship with their primary care provider.

What Does “Out Of Network” Mean to Your Patients?

It doesn’t cost your patient more to come here – it’s likely to cost them less. Here’s why:

  • Insurance coverage isn’t what it used to be. Most patients never meet their annual deductible, which means they are paying for everything out of pocket to begin with. For those who are meeting their deductible – and more – they are paying huge amounts for care that isn’t working. Coming here fixes that.

  • Most of their care is still in-network. The only out of network fee is the doctor visit itself. Everything else – medications, tests, labs, imaging, other referrals – is done in-network.
    We get people better. Being sick is expensive. Getting better means fewer visits to the ER and Urgent Care, more productive time at work – and more time for fun.

  • We are efficient. As a specialist/expert, Dr. Ament gets results efficiently, and fast. When outside resources are needed, we get the patient to the right place without expensive detours. We invest in the coordination of care between providers, again saving time and expense, as well as improving outcomes.

  • We save lives. Sometimes, seeing the Neurologist is more than just a good idea. On average, we save one life every month, by making a timely and correct diagnosis. Examples include: Brain Aneurysms, Critical Spinal Cord lesions, Carotid and Vertebral Artery dissections, Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, Brain Tumors, Infections, not to mention Multiple Sclerosis, spinal fluid leaks, increased intracranial pressure, Temporal Arteritis, Lupus and Sleep Apnea, amongst others.

  • The insurance company might even pay them back. It all depends on their policy, of course. Visits are covered by most insurance plans under the Out-of-Network benefits provision. We assist your patients by providing them with a completed HCFA form to send to their insurance company for reimbursement. The check is sent directly to the patient, for the maximum allowable benefit based on his or her plan.

  • We give discounts to nice people. Please see our Good Karma Program page for details.

The Ament Headache Center is a direct pay practice; payment in full is expected at the time of service. Dr. Ament is non-participating with Medicare. Visits are not reimbursable through Medicare.