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The best reference is a GOOD WORD

“Thanks” just doesn’t seem like enough. Hey Doc – thank you! Thank you for listening! Thank you for believing! Thank you! You have changed our lives forever!

– J&J E

I don’t remember if I told you this but my mom suggested I drive by your office some day when I don’t have an appointment and see if you really exist or if you’re an angel that came and fixed me when I needed it.


As I transition from being a provider to a consumer of health care, I realize how fortunate I am to have a doctor like you. You have helped me find a way to control my migraines to a manageable level. Thanks.

– MY


I appreciate your congratulations today on the progress we as a team have made with the headaches that have stalked me for the last 8 or more years. Your persistence and belief that there was a solution kept me from giving up and kept me working toward finding the right combination of solutions. Your work with Dr. Hepworth and communication with him in order to find relief for me is a model of how I would like to see the medical profession work as a unit and work WITH each other. I have told many friends "he never gives up!" and that, along with your incredible expertise in the field, has been the port in this storm.

Thank you for caring about your patients...and for sticking to it until we found relief.
- SN


As I begin another semester of college and teaching, I wanted to take a moment to thank you at Ament Headache Center. Today is January 12, 2014. As I look at my Headache Diary, one that I keep daily, I notice something remarkable. I have not experienced even ONE migraine this month. Can I tell you how transforming to my life that is? This is the first time in almost 7 years that this has happened. I have gone TWELVE days without a headache! In these 12 days, I've skied 7, danced 2, gone out with friends multiple times for lengthy conversations and dinners, enjoyed baths (couldn't do that before without getting a headache) and have watched 3 movies with my other half (also was hard to do). I have enjoyed Champagne at New Years (only a few sips--but that couldn't happen before) and have managed to read through 3 books over Christmas break. I haven't opened a foil packet of Maxalt in "I don't know when" and have diligently kept on the medication and lifestyle we've spoken of.

I can't tell you how this has affected my life in all the best ways possible. I am LIVING A LIFE now, not anxious about what will or will not cause a migraine and living my life controlled by them. I just want to thank you so much, everyone at Ament for improving my life. I am now living it and it feel so much better! - HP


You were interested in going “out” of your specialty and seeing that I got the care that I needed to get better – even if it wasn’t with you! You are not only a great diagnostician, but you have a generous spirit and an inherent kindness. Not one episode of Mennier’s, not one killing headache, no falls, I can walk – without a cane but with my dog – and we’re up to 1¼ miles per day!! I don’t drop things (like a cup of coffee or a bowl full of something very messy). I’ve started humming & singing to myself again – a sure sign of contentment! And I blame you!! You showed me the path… and this chrysalis is blossoming into a butterfly once more.

Thanks - GI

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I just wanted to say “thanks” for all you did to help me with my headaches. Words cannot express my gratitude. What a blessing it is to not have the daily headaches. I appreciate your persistence into finding my problem.
Many thanks again.

– MW

I want to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to you for diagnosing the cause of my headaches. Without your intervention & care, I would not be “this far along” on the sinus-migraine journey.

– PM

I want to thank Dr. Ament for his dedication in trying to find out what was going on and assisting me to have a better quality of life. He was truly amazing.
Thank you.

– DW

I just wanted to write and thank you for helping me enjoy the best quality of life I’ve experienced in 15 years. I’ve been migraine free for so many weeks now, I cannot recall when my last one occurred. This is quite a miracle after experiencing years of 6-10 migraines per month and spending parts of nearly every day mitigating potential triggers.
Thank you for your thorough evaluation and using your expertise to quickly develop a successful treatment plan, I cannot thank you enough!

– CL

Thank you, far too late, for the gratitude I feel toward all you did for me. You listened – heard and took the necessary steps to guide me on to the next step of healing. I am truly indebted to your caring and professional manner. I thank God He has gifted you with a professional service of caring for others.

– DA

Dr. Ament and staff, I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to be pain-free after 10 years of constant headache! Thank you for not resting until you got to the bottom of my headaches. Have a great day.

– CY